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Kiero Koi application
Name: Kiero kōi (disapperaring act)
Nickname: Kiero/Kieru by familiar wolves/or enemies, Koi by good friends ONLY.
Age: 5 (Adult)
Gender: Male
Weight: 115 IBS
Height: 35"
Build: Pointy ears, long tail with middle-long fur, thick mane around the neck.
Gait: Slow but long strides, silent steps. Head held high,eyes always looking around the terrain to learn its layout. Pointy ears always searching for sounds around him.

Territory: Vektren
Family: none
Task: Magister
Voice: The one and onlyyy...

Peter Dinklage.…


Kiero is a wolf with very neutral aura surrounding him. It may be difficult to read his emotions and body language at long distances due to him always keeping himself in his own shell of neutrality.  He keeps his feelings to himself and locks them inside to be able to focus on the main tasks and goals he is working towards finding feelings –whenever positive or negative - being a distraction.  His neutrality is hidden behind sense of humour and jokes giving him a mask of being a very friendly joker.  Despite being a wolf that rather sit silently on side-lines for a while to just watch what is going by himself to gain a clear image of the problem Kieru works well in social situations. He likes to meet all wolves he needs to get rid of by himself – and wolves that are possible allies or wolves that was either friend or foe- to gain an image to find openings how to get rid of them or recruit them. Kieru starts his work with his head first and then with war if necessary – using psychical violence to gain or win something is always his second option. He finds great challenge in winning with minimal casualties and without the need to kill even if he never closes those doors completely. Talking with new wolves – or the ones he already had met before- is his priority. By knowing those around him helps Kieru to both understand their strength and weaknesses as well as gaining information about possible ways of using them in the future if war breaks out. Being social is either a bother or something Kieru loves; it is just as normal for him being around others as it being alone with himself.


Background History

As a pup Kiero was as all other pups; playful, cheerful and happy (most of the time) but had his episodes of tantrums when the training became too repeating for his liking resulting in an instant punishment. The pack Kiero lived in believed in training their offspring in areas they were best at; in Kierus case, it was tactics and planning. His father Thace was Informator for the Alpha, his job keeping him away from the den for long periods. Kierus mother Yaqiz had an eye for tactical manoeuvres, a common ability that was often inherited by next generation; Kiero and his brother Khazar were both taught by Yaqiz from young age how to spot openings and opportunity’s in common daily problems or friendly wrestling competitions being held for youngest to teach them fighting in a safe way. Each evening they talked about what they saw and missed as well as how they could use that small openings and information to turn it around for their own advantage I they ever ended up in similar situation themselves.


Kiero came in contact with Vektrens religion early on. His father Thace always managed to catch interesting information when he was on his never-ending walks to territory’s far beyond their own and those few times he had a chance to spend his free time with his sons he used it to teach them everything he could about how the cult-pack was working. Mesmerized by the differences in his own and Vektren pack Kiero learned to enjoy those times when Thace was away knowing as soon he came back he would once again have fresh information about Vektren and know more about their culture. While their mother despised Vektren and its culture, both father and son tried to learn and understand the culture so unfamiliar and at times morbid. Yaquiz forbade her sons to ever performing any kind of ritual mentioned in Vektrens religion but to no success. Once Kieru learned how to performneeded sacrifices to satisfy Vektrens Gods there were nothing that could stop him from doing so. As soon Yaquiz turned around and went to work he run out and cached small critters who’s heart were buried in the most secret and sacred place on their packs territory there was.


When Kiero and his brother reached the age of Juvenile their training got harder. Yaquiz took them both to her job as tactician; all wolves who had a paw in preparing battles or executing the attacks had their own den located at the edges of the territory in a peaceful forest. Both brothers were allowed to enter that den thanks to their mother’s position but were limited to only watch and listen while the others worked. At the beginning of their training Kiero often found himself wondering if he would be able to become as skilled tactician as his mother, feeling his own skills were always several steps behind her when it came to noticing  smallest details that were important for proper attacks or defence. Promising himself to come as close as he could to his mother’s skills he started traveling around nearby their territory to find other tacticians and use his gained skills until now in friendly battles  while he actively looked for more information about Vektren. At this point in his life he was “too old” to allow his parents tell him what to do and how to live and Vektrens Gods were his main priority. The other wolves in the pack took a step away from him and his morbid ways while others tried to stop him with often resulted in unnecessary brawls and fights.  Yaquiz were furious with her son while his brother shook his head in silence hoping his younger brother would get his act together and devote himself to something he was good at rather than wasting everyone’s time with his immature acting. Kieru

Training mind and eye was the focus in Kieros daily training. Yaqiz was hoping her son would become something more than just a brute  his father was and his daily “routine” of getting into fights who tried to stop his morbid ways and obsession with a cult that was – in her eyes- a lie. She asked one of the older warriors to train Kieru both in discipline and in fighting something that not only made her son to be put under a lot of pressure but also make him feel even more as a failure. While not too happy about more things to do that took him away from studying Vektrens religion and its culture the fighting and discipline gave Kiero skills he never hoped to develop. He never had been a brute and his body type was not meant for brutal wrestling or to put down huge prays with one attack so his master  showed him a way to take down both prays and enemies with fast attacks where precision was the key. Finding that style enjoyable mostly due to the resemblance to Vektrenis way to kill Kieru was satisfied with this unexpected turn in his training.


When Kiero reached young adulthood, he left his family pack and started to travel around. Years spent to learn about Vektren and their cultures as well as starting to live by their rules in the silence have shifted his happy-go-lucky personality into a colder and more distant, neutral one. Using it as a way to gain information and giving an impression of being a veteran rather than a newbie in the art of war Kieru joined a small pack to help them win an ongoing war with a group of loners. While it took more time than he wanted to admit it he was not too successful in keeping his pack mates safe; his attack strategy was on point while defence…not so much. After the loners were exterminated and a lot of unnecessary blood have been spilled – including the Alpha – Kiero left that pack with a promise to himself to never be that weak and stupid ever again while sending his pack mates into a war as if they were stones thrown into the water. He spent rest of his adulthood years to travel around and becoming assistant to experienced warlords to learn how to win battles without killing sent warriors with plain stupidity. His travels and different warlords he met on the way made him into a slightly smarter and more educated wolf including giving him experience in how to properly plan attacks or deflect them from scratch.

On his last and the longest walk Kiero met unexpectedly his father who decided lead his son directly to the grounds where Vektren was located. On their walk there Kiero learned one or two things about his parents; one, either he or his brother had been born on the grounds where they grew up. He was - just like his father and his brother - born on Vektrens old grounds. His mother was not a Vektreni but back then had been selling information to his father for Vektren. That was how his parents met and while they both ended up living far away from Vektren to keep her and her unborn pups safe in case any Vektreni wanted to put Thaces life to a end including his non-Vektreni mate. While Kiero had to grow up far away from Vektrens territory for his own safety it became obvious for Thace his son belonged with Vektren; Kieros name and soul was bound to their grounds. Thace had given him very vague information when he was young to see if his son would be fit to even call himself a Vektreni. When he realized his sons feelings for both the religion and Vektrens culture grew stronger and the hunger to serve that cult became his main hunger he knew Kiero needed to go back to his birthpack at once.

Once they came to Vektrens boarders Thace orderded his son to prove his worth as Vektreni and follow the law. Thace had broken a law by taking a non-Vektreni as his mate in silence including escaping with her to raise pups who belonged to Vektren away from their birthpack keeping them from their real home. Kiero realized his fathers mistake would have put Vektrens name into shame including dishonoring their Gods. Not feeling any remorse about what he had to do he killed his father nearby the boarders,ripping his heart out from his chest. Thaces heart would become needed sacrifice to calm Dreadfathers anger. Swearing his devotion and his life to the Gods he prayed to each day and night Kiero turned around and looked on Vektrens grounds opening itself before him. The words he spoke were silent and soft but filled with deep burning passion and deviotion deeper than hell itself:

"Traitors heart is returned to you Dread Father. Accept this sacrifice as my promise to serve Vektren until the end of time."

Positive traits

Paw Print Bullet (Green) - F2U! Religious -  Gods play big part in Kierus life. He begins and end his day with small prayer to the Dread Father followed by

Paw Print Bullet (Green) - F2U! Loyal - He will follow the laws of the pack he had been interested in since his young years. He fights for the brothers and sisters he may gain one day if he ever will be accepted into the ranks of the Assassins.

Paw Print Bullet (Green) - F2U! Night owl -  Night is the time of the day when you have highest possible chance on meeting him. 

Paw Print Bullet (Green) - F2U! Winner -  Kieru is here to win. Win is the ultimate goal. For Dread Father he will drag his enemies to hell himself if needed.

Negative traits

Mini Paw Red Bad looser- when he looses a battle, he gets reckless. His anger start boiling making him act faster on battlefield than before, with in some cases are good,in other cases end up with unneeded bloodshed that could be spared.

Mini Paw Red Workaholic- he works until he drops dead. From time to time he works a little too hard and need a day or two to recover.

Mini Paw Red Reserved - when it comes to his personal matters Kieru is very close lipped about it. He wont talk about the past,and even heavier things that makes him wander off into limbo that causes him get dillusions but also lowers his guard.

Mini Paw RedLight sleeper -  small sounds,innocent sounds....dosent matter. They keep Kieru awake and when he havent slept for a while he becomes a bomb.


Paw Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! Flirty - He loves to flirt and take care of ladies. But only as a gentelman. He would never take it to the next level unless the ladie really really demans that kind of attention. Because...needs.

Paw Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! Sharp minded - thanks to the harsh training he had as pup his mind is clear and sharp as a eagles claws. It helps him to get out from tricky and sticky situations... most of the time.

Paw Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! Disciplined - he believes discipline can make even a looser into a winner.
Paw Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! Commitment issues - being with only one is simply impossible... or at least boring. He fears of becoming weak and useless if he ever got tied down to a den and family... so puppys is a nono for this guy as well as taking a mate.


Favorite season: Autumn

Group History

Bone History

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Hopefully ya wont regret seeing her as coat my friend XD

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